Fisheries & Aquatic Services

Fish Inventory / Culvert Assessments / Fish Salvage / Habitat Restoration

Columbia Environmental staff have been undertaking Fish Inventory, Culvert Assessments, Fish Salvage and Habitat Restoration Projects since 1995.  Our projects have taken us from the northern portion of BC (Mackenzie, Tumbler Ridge, and Terrace) to the Canada/US border. In all areas of fisheries resource we have successfully incorporated integrated management within watersheds for both timber and aquatic resources. Our trained and experienced staff hold certifications in advanced watershed restoration, sediment and erosion control, electrofishing and habitat assessment. Over the years we have literally surveyed thousands of rivers, streams and tributaries and we are experts in providing concise, clear, and most importantly, accurate resource information to our clients.

Other Aquatic Services

In addition to fisheries resource Columbia has completed numerous other aquatic services such as Riparian Area Protection Regulations, water quality assessments, environmental impact assessments for docks, river snorkel surveys, western ridged mussel surveys, water intake assessments, and sediment core sampling.