Underground Storage Tanks

Underground Fuel Storage Tanks (UST)

Underground storage tanks (UST’s), commonly used in the past for fuel, oil, and other hazardous materials, have become a source for potential environmental concern.  Many homes built between the 1920s and 1960s used heating oil with oil tanks buried close to the home. Few homes still use oil now, and owners may not realize they have a tank on their property. Tanks have an average life of 20-25 years, and if left in the ground, tanks will eventually corrode and leak pollutants into the environment. It is also important to remove tanks properly as they may contain liquids, sludge, or vapours that can with a single spark cause a tank explosion.

A leak in a UST can mean thousands of dollars in added liability and environmental remediation costs to the property. A single pinhole leak in a storage tank can drain its contents into the environment in no time, contaminating the property, groundwater, streams, and neighbouring property. 

Signs that you may have an underground tank include:

  • a filler pipe sticking out of the ground
  • a vent pipe at the side of the house
  • a metals pipe cap
  • a sunken area on your lawn

Our staff are experienced and knowledgeable in the steps to safely assess and ensure proper removal of your UST.